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 XWall 3.41 released
Posted By: Peter Banz On: Aug 14 2007 05:28 PM
Details You can download the latest XWall right from the download section on this site. It links to the Dataenter site so you know you get the latest version.

XWall 3.41 addresses the latest spam issues. If you have problems with PDF and ZIP spam we recommend to checdk frequently for beta releases which address these fast changing spam mailings. Also we recommend using CCS. It helped me out with the ecard problem at several client sites.

* New: Improved support for x64 operating systems
* New: Detect mail traffic spikes from a domain or IP address using senderbase ( ) ( Options->Spam->Senderbase )
* New: Block PDF spam in Options->Spam->Image
* New: Block RAR-ZIP spam in Options->Spam->Image
* New: Support delay between SMTP commands ( Throttling )
* New: Heuristic checks for stock offers
* New: Manage the White List by send a message with an e-mail in the subject ( Options->Global Exclude->White List )
* New: On startup XWall creates the directories for the statistic, the logfile and the history
* New: History can be limited to inbound or outbound messages
* New: History can be limited to specific e-mail addresses
* New: Multi line SMTP banner
* New: FQDN of the sender in the block statistic file
* New: Support for converting an Exchange IMCEAFAX address to a eFax SMTP address
* New: The logfile shows when processing a DomainKey or DKMI message
* New: Image spam allows user defined size
* New: SPF exclude can be limited to a list of e-mail addresses
* New: SMTP authentication using a custom application
* New: SMTP authentication proxy against the Exchange

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