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 DRive Backup boot cd 9
 Size: 191.60 MB   Modified: Apr 15 2009 02:53 PM   Total Downloads: 2
 Clam AV instructions Download
 Description: How to install and integrate ClamAV in XWall
 Size: 221.63 KB   Modified: Nov 07 2008 02:54 PM   Total Downloads: 1461
 ESATInformer Beta 1.30.1 Download
 Description: New feature - add exclusions to the whitelist
 Size: 3.15 MB   Modified: Jan 14 2008 11:58 AM   Total Downloads: 1552
 POPBeamer Download
 Description: POPBeamer download POP3 accounts from various external mail servers and allows integration with your Main Email server
 Modified: Mar 21 2007 12:39 PM   Total Downloads: 1481
 SMTPBeamer Mail server Download
 Description: This is a link to the hypertext link. The SMTPBeamer offers SMTP / Pop3 email. It also comes with a simple web mail interface. SMTPBeamer offers a low cost Email solution that works well with Outlook, Outlook Express and most other mail clients.
 Modified: Mar 21 2007 12:35 PM   Total Downloads: 1389
 LdapIMP Download
 Description: This will extract the user email address from your active directory and creates the files userdat.dat. This file should be placed in the Xwall ans ESAT program folder so these programs can verify the recipient .
 Modified: Jan 07 2007 08:13 PM   Total Downloads: 1465
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